Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diana Eng, KC2UHB: From the 'Runway' to the trail

Diana Eng, KC2UHB, a star of the hit Bravo reality series Project Runway, has the lead role in her own You Tube video: How To: Set Up An HF portable radio while hiking. The world-renowned fashion designer and author of Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech, enjoys trail-friendly radio as a way to get out of the concrete canyons of New York City and onto the hiking trails of New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.

Featured in KI6SN's Trail-Friendly Radio column in the February 2010 edition of WorldRadio Online, 'UHB often goes on T-FR excursions with David Clausen, W2VV; and Tom Tumino, N2YTF. Here's a gallery of photographs from some of their outdoor adventures - which include sojourns to New Jersey, Connecticut, Turks and Caicos Islands and satellite operation from NYC.

ABOVE: KC2UHB in New York City, above, holds a hand-held antenna in preparation for making VHF/UHF contacts via a passing satellite.
BELOW: An engraved plate marks the summit of Mt. Carmel in Connecticut.

ABOVE: KC2UHB relaxes during a recent T-FR outing.
BELOW: KC2UHB and N2YTF ready their radio gear before hitting the trail.

ABOVE: At an indoor operating post, KC2UHB listen while she tunes.
BELOW: Operating VP5 from Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, 'UHB makes HF contacts near the beach.

BELOW: Diana Eng, KC2UHB, and Dave Clausen, W2VV, pose for a picture during a T-FR outing.


(Photography courtesy of Dave Clausen, W2VV)

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