Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plenty of audio for overcoming sounds in the field

The June edition of WorldRadio Online magazine's Trail-Friendly Radio column by Richard Fisher, KI6SN, focuses on the Four State QRP Group's Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amplifier - an innovative design both electronically and physically.

The kit comes nicely packaged and construction is an interesting - and pleasurable - exercise in both electronics and the arts.

With the low audio levels of many of today's trail-friendly transceivers, this audio amplifier is a perfect solution for overcoming some of Mother Nature's ambient sounds.

Kit developers Jim Kortge, K8IQY; Larry Przyborowski, K3PEG; Terry Fletcher, WA0ITP; and Ron Hege, K3PF, have teamed to manage the Four State QRP Group production run.

Click here to see details on Four State QRP's Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amplifier kit.

Click here for a tutorial on Manhattan-style building techniques written by Chuck Adams, K7QO.

(For an enlarged view, click on the images.)

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